To hikers, Kerlingarfjöll and the surrounding area, offers a variety of hiking options, ranging from climbing peaks with stunning view, high energy geothermal areas with all the colours such areas can offer, canyons and in general the greatest variety of landscape one can expect to see in the Icelandic highlands.

In the area there are several tracks or routes, some of which have been marked by poles, which the hikers can follow, the hikers being experienced hikers or just those who enjoy moment of silence and peace in this wild and un-touched nature. Whether it's heading for the mountain tops or exploring one of the biggest geothermal areas in Iceland you can be certain that Kerlingarfjoll will take you by surprise.


Mt Snækollur

Mt Snækollur is the queen of Kerlingarfjöll, peaks at aprox 1460 M. The hiking trail to Mt. Snækollur starts at the end of the track at Keis and leads the hiker along a curved path around Mt Fannborg to its peak and from there one follows the mountain ridge, towards Snækollur. Estimated hiking time is 3 - 4 hours and during the hike and weather permitting, one will not only see the vicinity of the mountain, but also in the far distance one may be able to see the sea both to the north and south of Iceland.

Hveradalir and the geothermal area - day tour

The geothermal area of Hveradalir (hot spring valley) is the one of the main attractions of the Kerlingarfjöll mountain cluster. The centre of the area is at a distance of 5 Km from the Highland Resort of Kerlingarfjöll. Hiking from The Highland resort to Hveradalir and back represents a convenient day hike.

Hveradalir and Keis (morning tour)

This tour is intended for those who stay overnight at the highland resort and wish to have a short base tour of the area. It is assumed that the tourists have their own means of transporting, as the tour starts and ends at the parking area at Keis, approx. 15 min drive from the resort.

Mænir ring

A day trip, intended for more demanding hikers, which goes through two of the main geothermal fields of Kerlingarfjöll. From part of the route one has a excellent view over the area between Kerlingarfjöll and the Langjökull Glacier, with the Columnar rock of Kerling (old lady) in the foreground.  This trip does not only offer interesting visit to two picturesque geothermal areas, it also offers opportunity to see how the landscape of Kjölur bears the characters of a landscape on the edge of a tectonic plate.

Jökulfall river upper canyon

The Jölulfall is a Glacial river originating at the western edge of the Hofsjökull Glacier. During its lifespan the river as formed canyon that at some locations is sharp, narrow and well-shaped, especially at the lower part. The upper part starts at the Skuggafoss waterfall and goes downstream for 3 Km. The hike to Skugafoss offers view to a interesting rock formation in the canyon, especially on the side of the waterfall itself, where there is also a side canyon with its own fall, and old and abandoned site of a waterfall. Besides visiting the canyon and the waterfall, this hike gives the hiker a characteristic feeling of hiking through the wilderness of the highlands of Icelands.

Jökulfall river – lower canyon

The hike along the lower canyon of the Jökulfall is approx. 7 Km and is an easy day hike. As opposed to the upper part, the canyon here is narrow, deep and sharp, with hidden waterfalls and interesting rock formations. At the lower opening there is a interesting theatre like landscape which has for years been the venue of a search for the Wholy Grail. A research made by a Italian gentleman with the name of Giancalo Gianazza indicates that the Wholy Grail was transferred to Iceland and hidden at this place.