To hikers, Kerlingarfjöll and the surrounding area, offers a variety of hiking options, ranging from climbing peaks with stunning view, high energy geothermal areas with all the colours such areas can offer, canyons and in general the greatest variety of landscape one can expect to see in the Icelandic highlands.

In the area there are several tracks or routes, some of which have been marked by poles, which the hikers can follow, the hikers being experienced hikers or just those who enjoy moment of silence and peace in this wild and un-touched nature. Whether it's heading for the mountain tops or exploring one of the biggest geothermal areas in Iceland you can be certain that Kerlingarfjoll will take you by surprise.


Hveradalir and Mt Keis:

This tour is designed for those who stay only overnight at Kerlingarfjöll and wish to get most our of their stay. Meeting point is the at the reception of the mountain resort, from where participants drive in their own cars or are provided with transfer by us, destination is the parking at Mt Keis near
Hveradalir. From the parking, there is a short walk to the edge of the Hveradalir valley. The tour goes into the bottom of the valley and towards the most picturesque area where participants have the opportunity to see the area and feel the power of the elements expressing their power.

After the Hveradalir visit, the tour goes back to Mt Keis and to its highest peak, there the participants have good view over a part of the Central Highlands, the area between the two largest glaciers in Europe, Vatnajölkull and Langjökull.

Easy hike, Expected duration 2 -3 hours, departure 08:00, minimum 4 pax, price 4.000 pr pax

Waterfall, Glacier and caves:

A day hiking tour from the mountain resort towards the Hofsjökull glacier. The objective is to visit
three locations, besides enjoying an easy day hike, deep in the wilderness of the highlands of

  • Skuggafoss, a waterfall with interesting rock formations, located in the glacial river Jökulfall. This river has its main outlet at the Blákvíslarjökull glacier, a part of the Hofsjökull glacier.
  • The Ice Cave at Blákvíslarjökull, a newly discovered Ice cave, located close to the main outlet of the Jökulfall river. Interesting, untouched and remote area with a small glacier lake, floating icebergs.
  • A small cave in a sandstone rock formation, in area called Krókaver, located in the area between Kerlingarfjöll and Hofsjökull

Moderate to easy hike, river crossings, expected duration 7 – 8 hours, departure 09:00, minimum 4
pax price 7.500 pr pax